Promo codes and discounts

Promocodes and its discounts are created in Tilda's site settings (Tilda instruction). Two fields are used to pass this information to the RetailCRM:

Discount value

Discount amount is passed to the RetailCRM automatically using the special standard order field, no additional configuration required from you.

Promo code

Tilda sends the applied promocode along with the other order info, but the RetailCRM doesn't have a dedicated field for it. If you want to see the promocode in the order card you can create a custom order field (Settings > System > Custom fields > Add in RetailCRM) wich type is String and symbolyc code is promocode

Promo code order custom field

Now, when a customer applies a promo code you can see it in the CRM:

Promo code and discount in the order card

When creating a custom field in the CRM, you can specify which order card section the field will be displayed in. Choose the most convenient one.

Important: after you've created the promocode custom field, applied promo codes will be automatically sent to this field by the module. You don't need to set up the field sending in handlers settings.