Payment status

There are two modes of sending order information from Tilda to the CRM in the payment systems settings:

  1. Sending a webhook immediately after order form has been submitted
  2. Sending a webhook only after the order has been paid

Data sending settings

Sending after form submit

In the first case the selected paymet method will be sent to the RetailCRM without a payment status. The CRM will either leave the payment status empty or set a default-in-api status. Payment statuses settings are on the Settings > Data books > Payment statuses page.

Default payment status in RetailCRM

You can find the selected payment method in the Payment section of the order card;

Unpaid order in RetailCRM

Please note: payment method will appear in the order card only if there are more than 1 payment system connected in Tilda. It happens because the Tilda doesn't send payment information in webhooks when only one payment service is connected, which will be selected by default.

Sending after payment

If you've enabled data sending only after the payment has been completed, the order will appear in the CRM after your payment system confirms the payment. In such case the selected payment system will be sent to the CRM along with a Paid status.

Please note: before sending the order, the module fetches all available payment statuses from the CRM and selects the first status that has a Paid checkbox enabled in its settings. By default, RetailCRM has only one such status - Paid. If you have multiple statuses with the Paid checkbox enabled, the one that has lower Ordering value will be selected.

Payment status Paid in RetailCRM

A paid order in the CRM will have a similar Payment section in the order card:

Paid order in RetailCRM

Paid orders are marked with a green icon in the order list:

Paid order in the order list

Available payment types

In order for the CRM to recognize the passed by Tilda payment type, it must exist in the payment types list (Settings > Data books > Payment types in RetailCRM). Method which symbolic code matches the code of the selected Tilda payment system will be attached to the order.

Here is a list of all Tilda payment systems and their codes available at the time of publication this instruction:

Name in TildaCode
Yoomoney - from credit cardyamoney
Yoomoney - from mobileyamoneymc
Yoomoney - from electronical moneyyamoneypc
Tinkoff Banktinkoff
Alfa Bankalfabank
Cash on Deliverycash
Bank Transferbanktransfer
Custom Payment Gatewaycustom


If you want to add the PayPal payment method to your site, the steps will be as follows:

  1. Connect a new PayPal service in the Tilda site settings (Site settings > Payment Systems).
  2. Add a new payment type with paypal as a symbolic code and any name clear for you (e.g. PayPal) in the CRM payment types settings (Settings > Data books > Payment types).

That's all. The same way add other payment systems that you need.