Creating an API key

To let the module send site orders to the CRM it needs an API access to your RetailCRM account. Go to the Settings > Integration > API access keys page and press the Add button.

Adding an API key

RetailCRM will generate a new key and open its settings page. Choose the Access to all stores variant in the Access type dropdown list if you want to set up an integration for all of your sites. Or you can choose the Access to a particular store and then select stores you want to integrate in the Stores field below. Stores are set up on the Settings > Stores page.

Enable the following methods in the API methods allowed field:

  • Orders
    • /api/orders/create (for orders creation)
  • Customers
    • /api/customers (for finding duplicates)
  • Data book
    • /api/reference/delivery-types (for detecting a delivery type)
    • /api/reference/sites (for getting a list of available shops)
    • /api/reference/payment-statuses (for getting a list of payment statuses and methods)
  • Custom fields
    • /api/custom-fields (for getting a list of custom fields)
    • /api/custom-fields/dictionaries (for getting a list of custom dictionaries)
  • Integration
    • /api/integration-modules/{code}/edit (for registering the module in the CRM)

RetailCRM API key settings

To save the changes you made click the Save button.