Creating a handler

The handler is responsible for receiving data from website forms and sending it to RetailCRM. You can use either one handler for all site forms, or create a dedicated handler for each of them. Click the + Handler button in the left-side menu.

Adding new handler

On the opened settings page fill in the next fields:

  • Handler name
    Displayed handler name. Serves for your convenience and does not affect leads processing.

  • Shop
    A shop (site) you want to send leads to. Shops are configured in the Settings > Stores CRM settings page. If there is no shop you need in the drop-down list, check the API key accesses settings.

  • Send Tilda order ID to CRM
    When enabled, displayed order numbers in RetailCRM will match Tilda order ids.

Press Save in the bottom of the left-side menu.

Save button

A new field Webhook URL will appear just under the order ids sending toggle. Copy the field value, you will need it later.

Handler settings