Forms setup

To let the module pass site form data to the appropriate CRM fields you need to set up a mapping between the site form fields and CRM fields. The mapping sets up on the handler setting page (separately for each website).

Default settings

Each new handler has the following pre-configured fields:

  • Name
  • Phone

Form fields settings

The field name is a field from the CRM order page. The field value is a Tilda form field identifier. The screenshot above can be read as:

  • The value of the site form field identified as name sends to the First name field of the CRM order
  • The value of the site form field identified as phone sends to the Phone field of the CRM order

Identifiers are set up in the website form fields settings:

Tilda form fields settings

Apart from the first name and phone you can set up sending of email, middle name, last name, additional phone, comment, delivery type, cost and address, order custom fields (Settings > System > Custom fields in RetailCRM). Just select a needed field in the Add field dropdown in the Form fields section of the handler settings page and type an identifier.

Adding fields

For example, if you want to pass a customer comment to the CRM, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. On your website find (or create) a form field with customer comment and give it an identifier comment. Comment field on website

  2. Select a Comment in the Add field dropdown list in the handler settings and type the comment identifier to the added empty field. Comment field in the handler settings

  3. Save the module settings and re-publish the website (on the Tilda's Dashboard page). Publishing a website

Delivery variants

The Delivery types Tilda form field type has a special format. If the variant is specified in a NAME = PRICE format, for example Courier = 15, than the created order will have delivery type Courier and delivery cost 15.00.

Essential: the delivery type must exist in the delivery types data book in RetailCRM (Settings > Data books > Delivery types).

Delivery variants in Tilda

Delivery types in RetailCRM

Delivery services

In the delivery variants settings Tilda offers to enable and use delivery services. It allows integrating third-party delivery services directly to the website (without CRM) making it possible to add delivery calculators to lead forms.

Delivery services in Tilda

When the delivery services are enabled, all delivery information (method, address, cost and comment) is sending to the CRM in special standard fields that don't require any additional configuration. So, if you use the delivery services, you don't have to (you should not) create Delivery Address and Delivery Code fields in the handler form fields settings (if you do so, the values from these fields will take precedence over the standard, automatically sent fields).