Sending any cookie value to the CRM works and sets up the same way as sending of form fields. Just add a new field in the handler settings and type in a cookie name you want to send to this field.

Please note: if the cookie you want to pass and any form field you set up share the same name, the form field value will take precedence over the cookie one. For example, if you set up a form field named myname and a cookie named myname, only the form field value will be sent to the RetailCRM. In such cases just rename one of the variables (either the form field, or the cookie name).

Let's take a look at the setting up a Roistat visit id from cookies to the CRM.

Each time a visitor opens a site page, Roistat saves a cookie variable named roistat_visit which value we'd like to send to the CRM.

Since the RetailCRM doesn't have a dedicated order field for Roistat identificators, we need to create a custom one.

Press the Add button on the Settings > System > Custom fields page and create a new order field with type String. A symbolic code and a name may be any you find most suitable, for example roistat_visit and Roistat Visit respectively.

Custom field for Roistat

When creating a custom field in the CRM, you can specify which order card section the field will be displayed in. Choose the most convenient one.

Select the just-created field in the Add field dropdown list on the handler settings page. If the field is missing, click the button to the right of the dropdown to update the field list.

Roistat visit in the field list

Type in the cookie name you want to pass in the added field. In our case it is roistat_visit.

Roistat visit with roistat_visit as a value

After saving the settings, the Roistat visit identificators will appear in the order card in CRM.

Roistat visit in the order card