Questions & Answers

This page contains more frequently asked questions to the module support and answers to them.

> What information can be sent from website to RetailCRM?

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
  • Phone
  • Additional phone
  • Email
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery type
  • Delivery cost
  • Comment
  • Order list (shopping cart content)
  • UTMs
  • Order custom fields
  • Promocode and its discount value
  • Cookie values
  • Payment method and status
  • Order method
  • Order number (ID)

> What to do with errors appearing during module setup?

Errors can appear because of incorrect API key permissions. Check the key on the Settings page.

If you are sure that you specified a correct API key, but you still see the error message "Check url and API key", make sure you've created at least one store. RetailCRM may return an API error if there are no shops in the CRM account.

> CRM doesn't receive website orders. What to do?

Please read the instruction carefully. Very likely you made a mistake during module setup. Also, the orders processing stops when the module is unpaid.

> How to connect multiple sites to the CRM? Will it affect a module cost?

You can integrate as many websites as you want. It doesn't affect the final module cost. Details of setting up multiple sites in on Multiple sites page.

> How to pass product options (modifications) to the CRM?

All product options sends to the CRM automatically. Using the Tilda's product catalog it is possible to pass product modifications as a separate trade offers to RetailCRM. The setup process is detailed on the Passing product options section.

> How to import products from RetailCRM warehouse to Tilda catalog?

It's not possible yet. Some technical restrictions of both Tilda and RetailCRM prevent us from implementing this feature right now as we see it. If you need the synchronization, please contact us for discussion of possible solutions.

> Why is the shopping cart content not sending to the CRM?

Most likely you've forgotten to enable shopping cart content sending in the webhook settings (the Transfer data for goods in the order - as array checkbox). Refer to the instruction to fix this.

> Why is the product from the website not linked to the product from the RetailCRM warehouse?

Very likely you incorrectly specified Tilda product SKUs and RetailCRM trade offers external codes. Details on how to do this are on the Cart content page.

> I use external delivery services calculators, how to pass delivery information to the CRM?

Delivery calculators are available only when you use the Delivery services Tilda feature. This feature is fully supported by the module and does not require any configuration. All delivery information will be automatically sent to the RetailCRM.

> Why is the delivery information not sending to the CRM?

Most likely you have made a mistake during form fields setup. Setting up sending of delivery information to the CRM is described on the Forms setup page.

Most likely you've forgotten to enable cookies sending in the webhook settings (the Send Cookies checkbox). Refer to the instruction to fix this.

> How to pass a promo code to the CRM?

The module supports sending promocodes and its discount values to the RetailCRM. Refer to the Promo codes and discounts page of the current instruction.

> How to pass a payment information to the CRM?

The instruction of payment method and status sending is on the Payment status page.

> How to pass UTMs to the CRM?

UTMs are automatically attached to each order. No special setup required. Details are on the UTM page.

Any cookie value can be sent to the CRM, just like site forms values. The setup process is described on the Cookies page.

> How to pass order method to the CRM?

Order method is passed to the RetailCRM automatically, but your site form names should match symbolic codes of the Order types data book. More details are on the Order channel page.

> Can we order any module customization?

No, we do not provide any individual customizations.